Ars Magica: Faith & Flame

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144 pages


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The Languedoc was the home of courtly love. Troubadours and trobairitz sang songs echoed by nightingales and faeries alike. Even the covenants of the Order of Hermes played host to their music, listening to songs of lost Val-Negra, deep in the misty Pyrenees. There were disagreements over the legacy of Flambeau, and over the true message of Christ, but love, learning, and life flourished.

Then the Crusade came.

The magi of the Provençal Tribunal are far from united in their response to the Crusade, as they all try to preserve their lives and their culture, and control is even looser than it was in the past. This is a Tribunal where new magi can found their own covenant without waiting for permission, choose their own relations with the mundanes, and write their own song. Every magus and every maga can find a home here.

Written by Erik Dahl / Mark Faulkner / Lachie Hayes / Ben McFarland / Christian Jensen Romer