Ars Magica: Covenants

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144 pages


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The covenant: home of magi, heart of an Ars Magica saga.

Much more than just a base camp, a covenant's prosperity determines the power and safety of the characters who live there. The challenges faced by a covenant shapes the whole saga. This book includes new Boons and Hooks for a wide range of saga styles, extensive guidance on governance and covenfolk, story-based rules for determining a covenant's wealth, expanded rules for developing libraries and enchanting books, and all-new rules for personalizing and improving the laboratories of magi.

  • New Boons and Hooks, for a wide range of saga styles.
  • Guidance on governance and covenfolk.
  • Story-based rules for determining the covenant's wealth.
  • Rules for developing libraries and enchanting books.
  • Rules for personalizing and improving a magus's laboratory.

Everything you need to bring your covenant to life lies between these covers.

Written by Timothy Ferguson, Mark Shirley, Andrew Smith, and Neil Taylor.