For the Glory of the Empire (Star Fleet Journal #1)

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It is our honor to bring glory to the Empire!

This is the Star Fleet Universe, based on Star Trek: The Original Series. Meet Klingons who have missions, wars, and battles of their own to fight!

In "For the Good of the Empire" Klingon military intelligence hires an Orion ship (Orions are notoriously known for skirting the edge of the law) to carry their agents into enemy space, but can they trust this Orion?

In "The Threads of War" there is a new class of Klingon war cruiser. It is given its combat trials and flies into the middle of a political maelstrom.

In "Flotilla Commander" there is a new commander. How will the flotilla of gunboats (small, cheap, and heavily armed) shake down?

In "A Plague on Their Houses," a new Klingon heavy battlecruiser flies into combat. When mutinous crewmen poison the officers, will it survive?

In "Fight Fire with Fire" the Klingons decide to avenge an ancient insult. The offenders? The Tholians!

The Star Fleet Universe is published under license from Franz Joseph Designs, authors of the Star Fleet Technical Manual.

Elements of the Star Fleet Universe are the property of Paramount Pictures Corporation and are used with their permission.

Also includes scenarios for Federation Commander and one for Star Fleet Battles. However, you do not need to own or play the games to enjoy the fiction in this book.