Star Fleet Battles Commander's Edition Volume III

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A Major New Star-Faring Race – The Interstellar Concordium, complete with all new ship classes and weapons.

A New Tholian Fleet – The 312th Battle Squadron from the Tholian home galaxy.

200 New Ships – Including Police ships, Exploration Cruisers, Defense Monitors, the new ISC fleet and many variants of existing ship classes.

New Systems and Rules – Including Heavy Fighters, Tactical Intelligence, Hidden Deployment, Plasma Pulsar weapon, Web Caster, Web Anchor, Cloaked Decoy, Gravity Waves, Radiation Zones, Sunspots, Super Novas, Dust Clouds, Ion Storms, 1st Generation X-Ships and more.

New Battles – More than 12 new scenarios selected from the General War, ISC Conquest and the Andromedan Invasion.

Updated Material – Several existing rules have been updated and expanded. All Annexes and Charts have been replaced with updated versions.

Included in Star Fleet Battles Volume III are:

  • H Commander's Rulebook Volume III
  • H 216 Playing Pieces
  • H 48-Page Commander's SSD Booklet

NOTE: This product adds new play situations and rules for the Star Fleet Universe. YOU MUST HAVE both Star Fleet Battles Commander's Edition Volume I and Volume II to use the material presented.

Written by Stephen Cole