Alien Armada Unity

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Dangerous New Enemies on Scanners!

New factions meet as Starmada joins the Star Fleet Universe. Alien Armada was done as a joint venture between Amarillo Design Bureau and Majestic Twelve Games. This 84-page rulebook includes the Tholians (with their deadly webs), the Neo-Tholians (you thought the Tholians were bad?), the Seltorians (the faction that threw the Tholians out of the M81 Galaxy and now they are here on a holy crusade of extermination of the Tholians), and many more ships for the Orion Pirates.

There are over 40 starships including the Tholian dreadnought, war cruiser, web tender, command cruiser, and heavy web cruiser; the Neo-Tholian dreadnought, heavy cruiser, light cruiser, destroyer, and frigate; the Seltorian dreadnought, heavy battlecruiser, heavy cruiser, destroyer, frigate, new heavy cruiser, and light dreadnought; the Orion Battle Raider, war destroyer, battlecruiser, heavy battlecruiser, Double Raider, Slaver, Free Traitor, heavy cruiser, dreadnought, and OK6; police ships for the Gorns, Romulans, and Kzintis; and many other ships.

But it isn't just about the ships. There are terrain rules for asteroids, planets, black holes, dust clouds and nebulas. And of course there are new weapons: web casters, webs, web breakers, and shield crackers.

This book is an expansion. You must have Klingon Armada Unity or Romulan Armada Unity. Play will be enhanced with the Starmada Core Rules.

This edition unifies the previous Nova and Admiralty editions, so there will no longer be Starmada fans who cannot game together. The new rules preserve the best of both previous systems, and add dynamic seeking weapons rules that do what seeking weapons are supposed to do: force the enemy to move out of key areas or shoot his way through a swarm of drones.