Star Fleet Battles: Module D3 Booms & Saucers (B&W)

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"Captain, I show catastrophic damage to the ship!"
"Lieutenant, release the boom!"

This is the classic B&W 34-page Module D3. It includes SSDs and two scenarios.

The capability of Federation and Klingon ships to separate their forward sections for use as "space lifeboats" is well known, and happens in scenarios and campaigns from time to time (more often than many players realize).

In response to requests from players, we have created this module to provide the specific SSDs needed for these separated booms and saucers.

Module D3 includes SSDs for:

  • 12 Federation saucers
  • 12 Klingon booms
  • 5 Neo-Tholian rear hulls

Also included are two exciting scenarios:

  • Deadly Stings
  • A Klingon's Revenge

You must have the Star Fleet Battles Basic Set or Master Rulebook to use this material. The Neo-Tholian ships first appeared in SFB Module C2.

Written by Stephen Cole