Nexus #12

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"Go out there and take a look, Brian. If it's a Klingon, kill it; if it's natural, study it; if it's dangerous, cut and run back here."

It is 1985 and Nexus #12 has just been released. This issue focused on the Star Fleet Universe, Starfire, and History of the Second World War.

The Star Fleet Universe section starts with information about the company. It progresses on to an article on Hydran ship names. There is a page of Term Papers and two pages of The Academy. The fiction is "A Warrior's Death" featuring the Klingons and the Federation. There are two scenarios that follow the setup from the fiction. An early version of the Federation & Empire campaign map is the "centerfold" of the issue. The SFB Cadet Training Module is introduced. Finally, there was also the inevitable (at the time) collection of addenda.

Starfire has a good number of articles. There are articles on the Protectorate of Rigel, including their military services and a timeline.

There are errata for part 2 of History of the Second World War and a play aid. Also included are alternative German invasion plans.

Battlewagon has errata and gains information on battleships and battlecruisers.

This PDF is provided by Amarillo Design Bureau, Inc. with the kind permission of Allen D. Eldridge. It includes ads and offers from 1985; these are no longer valid.

Written by Stephen Cole / Allen Eldridge