Nexus #1

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NEXUS: The bond, link, or tie existing between members of a group; a means of connection.

The word "nexus" doesn't come up in conversation very often. Its most common use is also its most dramatic: "the nexus of events," where great actions come together to form a point in history.

The first issue of Nexus, published in April-May 1982, is wide ranging. From the historical to the fantastic, there's something here for every taste. It is provocative; the feature article on role-playing by Eric Goldberg (designer of SPI's Dragonquest) will certainly raise a few eyebrows (perhaps a few people's blood pressure, as well). There is an entire section on the Star Fleet Universe. There are articles on strategies for Swordquest, background for Battlewagon, and information on Armor at Kursk. Reviews include Barbarian Prince, Intruder, Dragon Tiles, The Compleat Tavern, and Albion: Land of Faerie.

This PDF is provided by Amarillo Design Bureau, Inc. with the kind permission of Allen D. Eldridge. It includes ads and offers from 1982; these are no longer valid.

Written by Stephen Cole / Allen Eldridge