JagdPanther Magazine #4

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Take another journey with us back to 1974, when a small wargame club in Amarillo, Texas (led by Steve Cole) produced a magazine filled with articles, variants, and reviews. Production values had not improved, and we still printed on that insane 14" paper. (The pages are divided in half for this 54-page PDF version.)

[No copies of the maps for Sidi Rezegh have been found so far but they will be added when we find them.]

This issue includes several features:

  • Cover art by James McNease including the previously unknown Panzer-X Jaguar with seven road wheels.
  • Editorial by Steve Cole (who, today, has no idea what he meant back then) including the original ball point pen corrections of the typewritten pages.
  • Club news (of a club that never did anything, oh well).
  • GRAF SPEE: a simple miniatures game with hand-drawn ship "miniatures" and rules.
  • SNIPE HUNT: new rules for SPI Sniper including medics, pistols, flak vests, grenade pistols, motorcycles (with sidecars).
  • SIDI REZEGH: An expansion of Panzerblitz for the North African campaign with hand-drawn tank counters for British and German forces.
  • PANZERBLITZ RULES including surface-to-surface missiles, bridges, overloaded trucks, bypassing ditches, rampaging tanks, ferries, fairies, wading tanks, outposts, dig in, crack units, retreat before combat, snipers, trains, interdiction, opportunity fire, armor storm, infantry riding on tanks, stacking, unit buildup and breakdown, captured guns, immediate attack on passing infantry, lift and shift artillery fire, armored vehicle radios, preplanned artillery fire, tanks towing artillery, close assaults on artillery, poor communications rules, field telephones, runners, green units, towns, partisans, splitting artillery fire, sky troops, horse drawn sleds, chainlink fences, swimming rivers, dust clouds, caves and tunnels, and dozens of other rules.
  • ADLER KAMPF: A combination of Midway, Battle of Britain, Fliegenkampf, Spitfire, and Panzerblitz. Basically a way to fight air battles over tank battlefields.
  • HALOCAUST, a Game of World War 4. That's right, SVC did not know how to spell holocaust. Oh well. This was basically a rewrite of the Rick Loomis nuclear war play by mail game with a ton of extra rules like submarines, bombers, and so forth. There is no proof of the rumor that this project later inspired Rick Loomis to turn Nuclear War into his long-time smash hit card game.
  • GAME REVIEWS of several games, some of which might not have actually existed.
  • KOMET UND METEOR, an air combat game based loosely on some SPI games available at the time but focused on the jet fighters at the end of World War II (and slightly after the end of that conflict). The later printing of this issue on which this reprint was based includes the errata!

Written by Stephen Cole