Captain's Log #41 Supplement

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This 32-page booklet includes much-needed information about the main Captain's Log #41 issue, as well as supplementary materials.

Included are:

  • The designer notes for Captain's Log #41 from each department head
  • The complete Origins 2010 report
  • The TerrorWerks gun run report
  • Another Input Guide (this one on creative writing)
  • The detailed CL#40 after-action review
  • The Alpha Strike rules for Federation Commander
  • More from Admiral Growler
  • Rejected term papers and tactical notes (along with why they were rejected)
  • More battle groups
  • Sectors B and C of the F&E Hurricane Scenario
  • The ISC light battleship for SFB
  • The FRAX submarine frigate for Federation Commander
  • And the Romulan KF5WR war destroyer for Starmada

Written by Ken Burnside / Mike West / Stephen Cole / Jean Sexton / Mike Filsinger / Anthony Cutcliffe / Chuck Strong / Michael Bennett / Richard B. Eitzen / George Duffy / Matthew Scull / Jeremy Gray / Scott Tenhoff / Michael Guntly / Joseph Carlson / Jon Berry / Ted Fay / Alexander Fulton / Robert Gamble / Marcus Giegerich / Steven P. Petrick