Captain's Log #18

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This 1999 issue marked the birth of ADB, Inc. as the publisher of the Star Fleet Universe. It was 112 pages long. We didn't even have a company logo yet, and just put the initials in a red box on the cover! Because this issue had to go to press as soon as possible, it has a lot more fiction than normal (and three Victory At articles).

HISTORY includes three fiction stories: A Dragon's Story, Romulan Raid, and A Friend in Need. Also included was a military rank comparison chart and some universe notes.

DATABASE (which became the common section in later issues) includes:

  • Conventions
  • An introduction to the new company
  • Input guide
  • After Action Reports on recent products
  • Command the Future (schedule of future releases)
  • Proposals Board
  • Why
  • Ten Questions
  • Ask Kommodore Ketrick
  • And Humor.

UNIVERSE (which later became venues) has articles on Star Fleet Warlord, the Paravians in SFB, the Vudar in SFB, and revised tournament ships.

SCENARIOS includes seven new ones (SL167 to SL173).

TACTICS includes:

  • An article on Andromedans
  • Term papers
  • Patrol victory at Origins 94
  • Victory at Eurogencon 95
  • Victory at Origins 96
  • The Andro Conspiracy
  • And Ask Uncle Ardak.


  • News
  • Q&A
  • Plans for new product development, combat trials, the Militant ISC option, Tactical Notes, Hydran Liberation Scenario, a preview of the Admirals rule, and the map for Sector G.


  • The Klingon C4 and F4
  • Orion early destroyer
  • Federation early frigate
  • four Federation ships built as hybrid carriers (Hydran Style!)
  • WYN version of a Klingon D5 and Kzinti CM
  • Hydran carrier group SSD
  • Lyran war cruiser scout
  • Romulan and Gorn Light Dreadnoughts
  • Andromedan Conquistador-mauler
  • and X-technology Python.

Written by Stephen Cole