Wiz-War STL Bust Collection

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For Wiz-War Players and Phil Foglio Fans (that's everyone, right?!)

This is a set of eight busts based on the Phil Foglio art of the eight wizards from Wiz-War, sculpted by Kim Beaton. Red looks cheeky, Orange serene, Yellow cheerfully violent, Green knowing, Blue fierce, Purple calm, Black disapproving, and White wholly demented, just like Phil's art from the game. Whether you're a Phil Foglio fan or a Wiz-War player, you'll want to display these beautiful art pieces.

Each STL bust comes in two versions: One has been professionally pre-supported by Facz, and it's hollow to reduce resin use. Load the files into your slicer and print. The other version is unsupported, which allows you to scale the busts as desired, leave them solid or hollow them differently, or pretty much anything else. There is also a stand that will fit all of them.

These make truly spectacular display pieces. Every bit of detail from Phil's artwork is beautifully clear. And the large size (roughly 4 inches high) provides ample space to showcase your painting skills!