GURPS Fantasy Folk: Winged Folk

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New Heights of Heroism!

The forces of evil grin, their targets in their sights. Suddenly, swift and silent, a shadow looms from overhead – and then the tide turns. GURPS Fantasy Folk: Winged Folk take fantasy figures to new realms – the skies!

Discover the history of the aerial winged folk, including information on their religion and secrets. Unleash the GURPS template and two magical styles. Take charge with five professional templates that let them soar to new heights, then outfit them with special gear and rules to make full use of their aerial edge. With this supplement's insight into incorporating these eagle-eyed adventurers into fantastic settings (including GURPS Dungeon Fantasy), you'll have new opportunities and outlooks to expand your heroic horizons. Thanks to Winged Folk, the realm of the clouds has never been more down to earth!