Worlds of Wonder Core Rules

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Worlds of Wonder is a fast, simple-to-play RPG system designed for use by advanced players who wish to create detailed characters without having to roll on endless charts and deal with endless rules. After 30-some years of playing, running, and designing games, be they RPGs or board games, we at Avalon Games have come to one conclusion. It's not the game's rules that make it enjoyable, but the people you play with. With that in mind, Worlds of Wonder takes the most important aspect of any RPG, the character creation, and tries to offer players and their GM the tools needed to make the time they spend playing together well worth the effort.

Yes, Worlds of Wonder will offer you a detailed combat system, and several magic options, but the majority of the information presented will deal with the creation of your character and the many options that will be open to you.

What we have tried to present to you with Worlds of Wonder is both a detailed means of generating the kinds of characters that you will find enjoyable, and a system that will keep you thinking on just what to do next with those characters.

Worlds of Wonder offers players and GMs a fully developed RPG system. The core system rules come with the following . . .

  • A fully illustrated set of rules, completely bookmarked for easy use.
  • Rules for generating and running a game using the WoW System.
  • An RPG system that is fully expandable and easy to use.
  • 15 Skill Sets, each with 4 skills and 10 levels of advancement within each skill.
  • Over 100 Arcane spells, set within 5 schools of magic.
  • Over 100 Divine spells, set within several generic faiths.
  • 20 fully detailed monstrous foes to battle, with hundreds more coming soon.
  • A full-color character sheet.
  • Lifetime updates, should we upgrade or revise the system in any way.
Written by Robert Hemminger