Warrior Guilds of Rhum

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Warrior Guilds of Rhum is the second remake of Board Enterprises' famous line of city supplements. Warrior Guilds of Rhum combines the Soldiers' Guild and the Adventurers' Guild, two rivals in the city. In addition to the guildhalls, there is everything from second-hand shops to restaurants and taverns to armorers and even to doctors (well, a skilled leech). In these pages, you will find the things that seasoned adventurers and mercenaries are looking for when they return from their missions, even the little guy with the blade sharpening cart. In all, there are over 55 buildings and locations and prices for over 240 items. Everything is detailed to allow you role-play through the city or simply go on a spending spree.

The City of Rhum is a modular city where neighborhoods are described in different supplements allowing you to pick and choose what you want to include. The Rhum supplements include character statistics for the Legend Quest game system, but as with most urban settings, Rhum can easily be shifted into a different set of rules.

Written by John Josten