Urban Magica

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Magic is very powerful in a modern setting. Nothing can be more influential to a game. But can you imagine what a world would be like if the foulest, most devious and violent individuals could cast magic spells?

If you can't, then this PDF is for you.

Spells in this PDF include:

  • Bad Word
  • Bloody Mess
  • Bulletproof Vest
  • Fistful of Steel
  • Herron
  • Jawbreaker
  • Pass the Buck
  • Pimp Slap
  • Pimp Stick
  • Pipeline
  • Repentance Past
  • Resist Force
  • Road Dawg
  • Shank
  • S.T.D.
This book is designed for the use of players and Game Masters (GM). Like with all d20 supplements, it is the duty of the GM to determine what material is appropriate in his campaign. Players may argue for the inclusion of some (or all) of the material in this book into their current campaign but, as always, the GM is the final arbiter of the rules used in his games.

This four-page PDF is an easy-to-integrate product that covers all new spells for use in any great d20 Modern campaign world and gaming session.

Written by Louis Porter Jr.