Urban Developments

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Perhaps the most important part of designing a campaign world is the communities that the game master places. Every GM has their own way of handling the towns and cities, but what if there was an easier way to flesh out the urban areas without trying to map every street? This is that easier way!

Urban Developments walks you through the design of any urban area from small farming communities all the way through massive capital cities. The step-by-step approach allows you to think your way through what you want and checks to make certain that it all makes sense. Not only will this make it easier for you to set up your world, but it will make it easier for you to run these areas, because you will have thought out the big questions: Terrain and Climate, Food and Water, Natural Resources, even getting into some thoughts about economics and culture.

This is not a book that will help you determine the name of the butcher shop on a particular corner, but will instead give you a good, sound footing from which to design and understand the communities in your world. From here, you will have enough information to run adventures in the city or handle your players coming through "off the cuff." All the crucial points are considered to allow you to efficiently document what is needed and not get bogged down in the details (until later, if you want).

Urban Developments will guide you through fleshing out your cities and your world. It is based on our signature excessive research into historic and modern factors as well as decades of professional experience designing roleplaying games and worlds - just like Grain Into Gold. This method gives you both game balance and a realistic setting. Players will be happier, and you as the game master will be happier. This supplement contains:

49 pages of content driven specifically toward walking you step-by-step through how to plan and design your fantasy towns. It is written in a light and casual tone, to keep you awake and involved.

Along with all the words are numbers and measures that will guide you to crafting the communities in a quick manner, including templates for your use.

Written by John Josten