Ultimate Warriors Catalogue

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When your adventurer returns from his latest quest, or is just about to set out, what is it he really needs?

Armour and Weapons, that's what. If you don't have the best war gear, you will never succeed in the adventuring game.

But where do you find the best Weapons and Armour? Brile Fire-eyes' Adventurers Emporium, that's where.

This here is our current full colour illustrated catalogue for every Warrior, containing enough weapons and armour to satisfy the most choosy warlord, paladin or mercenary!

The pdf version even includes form fields to allow you to add your own campaign-specific prices!

Get the Ultimate Warriors Catalogue today and buy the best.


  • 42 Different Armour Types
  • 17 Different Helmet Types
  • 22 Different Shield Types
  • 67 Different Weapon Types

Written by Graham Botley / Simon Stratford / Dan Quinlan