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"Rarely is a mechanic so simple and elegant at emulating another medium. . . Truth & Justice is nearly perfect at the narrative form of comics."

-- Ross Winn

Superhero stories celebrate heroism and "mad, beautiful ideas" in adventurous, stylish, and fun ways; Truth & Justice (T&J) is the new superhero RPG from Atomic Sock Monkey Press dedicated to just that. Fast, fun, and streamlined, T&J:

  • Encourages the sense of freewheeling imagination and improvisation that suffuses superhero media.
  • Offers concepts to bridge the gap between comic book stories and superhero gaming sessions.
  • Stresses the importance of a hero's motivations, personal ties, and behavior alongside their more-than-human abilities in transcending limitations and overcoming obstacles.
  • Focuses on how capable the character is from the context of a superhero story-game rather than strictly simulating reality.
  • Emphasizes quick and flexible character generation.

T&J is available as a 133 page (~7.2 MB) book containing:

  • An exploration of superhero tropes. How to approach them to help get what you want out of superhero roleplaying, whether you're a player or a GM, and advice for using them inside a game.
  • A complete game system. The Prose Descriptive Qualities (PDQ) System from Dead Inside and Monkey, Ninja, Pirate, Robot: the RPG has been refined for T&J, streamlined and chromed-up for superheroic flexibility, simplicity, and speed. Different levels of task resolution, suitable for any type of situation, let you detail the encounters that really matter.
  • Three sample settings. Become the champions of Drakesville when its signature hero gets promoted to the majors in Second-String Supers. Navigate the twisty path between altruism and greed in the futuristic world of SuperCorps. Discover who you truly are and change the world in Fanfare for the Amplified Man. Each setting comes with adventure seeds and introductory scenarios.

Are you ready for some truth & justice? Grab your cape, cowl, and utility belt and go!

Truth & Justice
* Written by Chad Underkoffler
* Art by Greg Holkan, Scott Kane, and Randy Milholland
* ASM-020

NOTE: This is a new edition of Truth & Justice, posted October 13, 2005, incorporating all known errata as of that date.

Written by Chad Underkoffler