The Tremendous Tome of Epic Dungeons

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Contents: 160 page hardcover


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Created by Dave Taylor and Jeff Hall, The Tremendous Tome of Epic Dungeons is a coffee-table-sized book about, well, epic tabletop dungeon builds! It showcases the incredible talent within the gaming community, including Steve Jackson Games!

Includes designs from Luke Gygax and Gaxx Worx, Dwarven Forge, WizKids, Monster Fight Club, Gooey Cube, Printable Scenery, Black Magic Craft, Real Terrain Hobbies, RP Archive, Picassawi, NPC Creations, InkdMage, oldskoolcreative, Horcharr, Todd Putnam of D&D Creative Designs, and so much more! 

A 144-page hardback book bound in red (faux) leather!