Things We Think About Games

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More Than 140 Things to Think About When You Think About Games

"An unholy mixture of helpful guidebook and jabbing provocation, [Things We Think About Games] will earn its right to rattle around your brain. It is essential reading for designer, critic, and straight-up rank 'n' file gamer alike."

-Robin D. Laws, creator of HeroQuest and Feng Shui


Will Hindmarch and Jeff Tidball think a lot about games. At their commentary website, they think out loud about what it means to play games, make games, sell games, and love games. They are gamers.

Here, with fellow game designers and notable game players, they think out loud on paper in the first Gameplaywright book.

Things We Think About Games collects dozens on dozens of bite-sized thoughts about games. From the absurd to the magnificent, the demonstrable to the dogmatic, this collection spans both the breadth of games-board, card, roleplaying and more-and the depth of gaming, offering insights about collecting, playing, critiquing, designing, and publishing.

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Foreword by Robin D. Laws, Introduction by Wil Wheaton. Includes the contributions of John August, Pat Harrigan, Fred Hicks, Kenneth Hite, John Kovalic, Michelle Nephew, Philip Reed, S. John Ross, Mike Selinker, and Noah Wardrip-Fruin.

Written by S. John Ross / Philip Reed / Robin D. Laws / Kenneth Hite / Michelle Nephew / Will Hindmarch / Fred Hicks / Jeff Tidball / John August / Pat Harrigan / / Mike Selinker / Noah Wardrip-Fruin / Wil Wheaton