The Sorcerer's Scrolls Issue 44

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This issue features:

  • For Dungeons & Dragons 4th Edition:
    Bloody Good Gear - new magical devices
    Feats of the Water Goddess - new feats for seafaring adventurers The Bagheera - A strange, pantherine vampiric race
  • For D&D 4E, Castles & Crusades and other older editions:
    Sorcerers of the Mountain Kingdoms - a campaign concept based on the myths and religion of ancient Tibet
  • For D&D 3.5:
    Hazedlan - a campaign idea for use with the Expanded Psionics Handbook
  • For Traveller:
    The Sirianthus Sector - a variety of new worlds to explore and an introductory scenario, the latest chapter in the Stellar Expanses Universe

Written by Tori Bergquist / John Diffley / Jody Wood / Nicholas T. Bergquist