The Royalty

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You designed your world. You figured out the most important kingdom and who the ruler is. Your players and their characters start adventuring there. Then you realized  you only know four people in the palace!

The Royalty is a fully established set of nobility ready to drop into your game world. They come fully equipped with backgrounds, personalities, and schemes of their own. But this isn't simply an organization of a family and maybe some staff. This is an interconnected collection of nobles that can be worked into various different hierarchies and governmental styles. Don't believe us? Well, there are two fully established governmental styles included: one more feudal and the other a council of local barons.

This generic supplement will fit into any fantasy role-playing game because it is not dependent on stats and equipment, but instead on personalities and motivation. Here you'll learn that sometimes NPCs can be quite powerful, even if they can't cast a spell or swing a sword. Not surprisingly, with this many powerful people in one book, the adventure ideas are just jumping off the pages. Not interested in a political campaign? No problem; these nobles make a perfect background to the rest of your high adventures.

The Royalty combines our Baker's Dozen series of detailed descriptions with two of our 100s series, listing shorter descriptions of 100 Nobles and 100 Castle Staff. The result is 213 NPCs that you can add to your game world as needed. Chances are your players won't meet them all, but you will know that you have all the angles covered should you need them.

This supplement contains:

  • 75 pages of content
  • 213 non-player characters that can inhabit anyone of your castles or capitals
  • 2 fully designed systems of government using the same set of characters in different roles
Written by John Josten