The Minotaur

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Life is sometimes unfair. Now, at the moment you are attaining your nomination into the elite paladins of the Holy Order of St. Carminius, your stepfather requests your help.

Life can be unfair, but as a paladin, you have a single duty: help the poor and suffering people; and if those people are close enough to be family . . . well, you can't refuse.

The nomination can wait.

Ancient tales, stories used to scare the children, are now coming true.

A minotaur, which no one has seen clearly before, has gone mad and has begun kidnapping young boys and girl from the simple farm community near his lair.

The thing is that this monster has lived in his maze for 80 years and never hurt anyone before. What is behind these events, and what is driving the minotaur?

You are a paladin, and you must find the truth.

The Minotaur is a double adventure. As a one-on-one adventure for a 6th level paladin, this adventure is a dungeon crawl which will not spare roleplaying opportunities and mysteries to solve. This adventure may also be played with four 3rd level characters, and can be placed with ease in any campaign world.

Written by Mario Barbati