The Great City Campaign Setting

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Based on their acclaimed Blueprints Series, 0one Games introduces an ambitious and detailed look at the locations behind the maps.

This sourcebook portrays a struggling mercantile colony ruled by the incompetent son of a brutal emperor. A city whose earliest citizens proudly trace their history back for thousands of years, but now struggle against social and political oppression; a city where a brooding underbelly of resistance fighters, crime syndicates, and a proud but disillusioned military all wait for their lord to fail. It is a city where night cloaks the deviant works of social outcasts, mad alchemists, and corpse robbers.

The Great City is rife with excitement, intrigue and adventure; dare your characters make it their home?

This book contains a detailed description of the six wards of the Great City, including most relevant NPCs, adventure locations, encounters, and more

  • A big two pages-spreading gorgeous map of the city is included, with a detailed key.
  • Within each chapter you'll find a full-page map detailing the ward.
  • A short introductory adventure, "The Cost of Freedom" by Tim Hitchcock, is provided for a fresh start¬†in your Great City campaign.
  • A chapter with unique creatures in the Great City provides you with some foes to throw¬†at your group.
  • A separate chapter with 3.5 statblocks for each NPC completes the book.
Written by Greg Oppedisano / Tim Hitchcock / Lou Agresta / Rone Barton / John E. Ling / Brendan Victorson