The Dungeon Under the Mountain: Level 6

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Welcome to the Return of the Mammoth Dungeons

The Dungeon Under the Mountain is a massive dungeon you can locate anywhere in your campaign world. Each level contains hundreds of rooms ready to be filled with the critters of your choice and with the devious traps you prefer.

What You Get

Each product contains one king-size map (22"x34") and the same map divided into eight US letter sheets. So your choice is to print the whole map (maybe through a print server) or print yourself the single pieces and tape them together. You can even print a small portion of the dungeon and scale it as you see fit, since these products are completely vector-based; therefore you will not suffer loss of print resolution. So you could print out every single room in battlemap-scale for use with your miniatures.

Rule Your Dungeon!

This exclusive feature allows you to customize the look of your dungeon and make it more print-friendly (black and white), or add the furniture, toggle the grid, hide the room numbers, and more. On each sheet, you will find a big button.

This button will not be printed, so don't mind if it covers some rooms. By clicking on this button some options will be shown, as detailed below. Please be aware that each time you make a choice it reflects over the whole document (the 22"x34" map, and the single pieces). A checkmark will appear beside the options active, except for the toggle option.

Here are the options available:

  • Numbers: hides room numbers; useful if you want use your own room numbers.
  • Furniture: hides furniture, doors, and the like, and allows you to print and draw your own rooms.
  • Grid: activate/deactivate the grid.
  • Teleport: activate/deactivate the teleport (green) areas.
  • Water: activate/deactivate the water (blue) areas.
  • Main Areas: activate/deactivate the main (orange) areas.
  • Secondary Areas: activate/deactivate the secondary (yellow) areas.
  • Fill: activate/deactivate the black in the walls and allows you to save more ink.
  • Toggle White/Yellow: this option toggles the rooms background from yellow to white and vice versa.
  • All: activate all options (if any are disabled) or deactivate all options (if all are activated).

A back to old-school mammoth dungeon, this product offers a variety of uses. You can simply take it straight, fill the rooms, and start your favourite dungeon crawl campaign. The dungeon has suggested key areas but, if you want customization, it lies a few clicks before you! Using the "Rule the Dungeon" feature you can alter the map as you wish (see below) to suit your needs. Want a blank dungeon without features? Want just the key areas over a white background? Want to print only some portions of the dungeon? Want to make handouts for your players with the dungeon without features? You can do all and more!

The Dungeon Under the Mountain, Level 6

Just under "The Citadel of the Four" lies the "Shaft Level". The sixth level of The Dungeon Under the Mountain layout tells its own tale. The level is divided in half. The upper half belonged to a warlike deep dwarves tribe which waged war on the dark trolls living below. The dwarves conquered and built, gnawing at the trolls' caverns foot by foot. In the end the two factions destroyed one another, leaving a ruined territory hunted by surviving monsters and small bands of marauders.

Grid Style: This map product features a square grid.

Written by Mario Barbati