Stars Divided: Terran Civil War

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The Stars are Divided

Mankind reached the stars, and for hundreds of years has lived confident and supreme in the galaxy. Only one alien race was discovered, and that lone example of intelligence was conquered and enslaved. It was that victory, those acts, which sowed the seeds of mankind's greatest threat. On the verge of discovering that man was not supreme in the galaxy, humanity turned upon itself.

It was an age of idealism. It was an age of elitism. It was an age when man turned against man, confident in his own superiority. It was an age of ignorance. . . when man strode too proudly amongst the stars.

Included in this book is everything you need to play out the story of the Terran Civil War with the VBAM and Starmada X game systems, including:

  • Rules to model internal politics for VBAM.
  • Expanded links between VBAM - Starmada abilities.
  • Rules for designing new Starmada weapon systems.
  • Expanded fighter design rules.
  • New ground force design rules.
  • New scouting options.
  • New planetary facilities.
  • Enhanced Starmada - VBAM scenario/setup rules.
  • Expanded elite officer and crew rules.
  • 27 Starmada ship designs.
  • Complete orders of battle for "historical" play.
  • In-depth campaign setting and background.
  • "Historical" scenarios for Starmada play.
  • 50+ star systems, based loosely on real stellar cartography.

This is not a stand-alone product and requires the Victory by any Means Campaign Guide and VBAM: The Starmada Edition to fully use. Ownership of the Campaign Moderator's Companion is recommended.

Written by Noel Weer