Star Fleet Battle Manual

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Command a Starship in High Adventure on the Frontiers of Space!

It is finally here! After more than 20 years, the updated and improved 3rd edition of one of the original miniature space combat games. First published in 1977, older editions have only been available directly from the publisher, at conventions or by pirated copies.

The 1981 winner of England's Games Day Award: First prize for Best Table-top Rules for Any Period, and the 1983 H.G. Wells Award nominee.

Each player captains a starship in combat between Federation forces and their major enemies. Using simultaneous movement and combat, players must make critical decisions as to the allocation of limited engine energy to movement, weapons and shields. The unique weapon firing mechanic requires that players must estimate the exact angle to fire their ships' weapons, stretch out the firing string from the center of their ship's compass card, and hope that they hit their opponent's starship. The different weapons and angle of fire give each ship and race a distinct flavor.

The rules cover such details as cloaking devices, photon torpedoes, plasma beams, and webbing devices; as well as boarding parties, crystal burnouts, phasers and disruptor fire.

This new and updated edition provides easier to read rules, cleaner graphics, illustrations of play, and improved ship logs.

Play it on the tabletop, or better yet, chase your friends a round the room as you dodge enemy fire and the furniture!

Written by Lou Zocchi / Michael Scott Kurtick / Michael Reitz