Skirmish Tiles, Dungeon Rooms Set 2

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This exciting product is based on the acclaimed Battlemaps and Battlemaps Lairs produced by 01 Games.

The Skirmish Tiles are 8x5 inch dungeon rooms and corridor tiles suitable for any miniature-based skirmish game (1 inch grid). Some of your favorite battlemaps have been adapted and optimized to this new format, and some wonderful rooms have been added.

Each tile shows a superbly rendered plain view of a dungeon room or a corridor without the loss of space due to the perspective view. In addition, the tiles feature a stunning 150 DPI resolution which allows you to obtain a high print quality.

With these tiles you can easily build a battlefield for your miniature game, even printing each tile more than once.

The tiles are intentionally left without terrain information to allow you to customize them for your own games. You may need to record terrain information (which may affect the movement of your miniature, for example). To do this, you can draw directly on your printout or, if you have computer skills, extract and modify the images to suit your needs, since this product comes unprotected. Perhaps you can simply print the grayscale version of the color tiles that are on the table, record the terrain information on these tiles, and use them for reference.

Of course, you can also use the Skirmish Tiles for roleplaying games (although the Battlemaps series produced by 01 are more suitable for this). Being tileable, the tiles allow you to deploy a dungeon before the players as they delve into it, creating the dungeon on the game table.

These are the 30 tiles you get:

63 - Alcove
64 - Portal
65 - Chamber of Bones
66 - Underground Channel
67 - Cartography Room
68 - Cavern with Pool
69 - Corridor of the Statues "I"
70 - Corridor of the Statues "L" Left
71 - Corridor of the Statues "L" Right
72 - Dwarf Shrine
73 - Execution Room
74 - Vampire Lair Entrance
75 - Vampire Lair
76 - King's Crypt
77 - Villain's Bedroom
78 - Storeroom
79 - Desecrated Crypt
80 - Mines Entrance
81 - Elevator
82 - Mummy's Lab
83 - Mummy's Tomb
84 - Necromancer's Lab
85 - Underground Dock
86 - Reliquary
87 - Serpent Throne
88 - Spider's Cave
89 - Crossed Swords
90 - Treasure Room
91 - Treasure Cave
92 - Magical Tree

Written by Mario Barbati