Sinbad the Sailor

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During his legendary voyages, Sinbad encountered man-eating giants, flying-men, monstrous serpents, and many other strange and terrible creatures. He found lost treasures and hidden civilizations, and survived numerous terrifying ordeals including shipwrecks, entombment, and dinner with cannibals. It is only through his resourcefulness, courage, and a great deal of luck that he survived to tell his tales.

This book retells the story of those seven voyages and places them in context. It discusses not only the greater collection of stories known as the Arabian Nights within which Sinbad appears, but also medieval Baghdad where these tales were told, the historical Abbasid Dynasty which ruled Sinbad's home city, and the great Arabian voyages of exploration and trade which inspired these stories. It also looks at the modern incarnations of Sinbad that have appeared since his tales reached the West, including Sinbad as the swashbuckling hero of stop-motion movies, television fantasy, and animation.

Written by Phil Masters