Science Fiction Beauties

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Finally, a book that treats female characters with the respect they deserve! Attractive female characters are a staple of every type of science fiction from comic books to movies and TV. Yet most modern roleplaying games ignore this aspect of sci-fi. The rules make it difficult to play this kind of character properly, either by avoiding beauty, or by using it as the basis for bad jokes.

The Science Fiction Beauties Handbook is here to rectify the situation. It provides new classes, equipment, and rules for players and GMs who like to include beautiful/cute/sexy women characters in their games. Designed for the D20 Modern/Future OGL setting, it can be easily adapted to any campaign. (For a D20 Fantasy OGL setting, you might also consider the Fantasy Beauties Handbook.)

This book includes 6 new races: the mysterious enigma, the athletic olympians, the perfect-by-design PAR, the serpentine sokuja, the otherworldly spirit-touched, and the classic toga women.

The Equipment section is full of things you'll wonder how sci-fi beauties ever did without, and new techno-toys that even male characters will want to get their hands on. There are 4 prestige classes ranging from the manipulative Foil to the guitar-wielding Rock Warrior. Six new Starting Carriers, 14 new feats, 6 new magical items, 2 new spells, and 5 new psionic powers round out the book.

Like the Fantasy Beauties Handbook, the Science Fiction Beauties Handbook intends to glorify female characters more than exploit them. But for those who prefer exploitation, there is a section of optional Fan Service rules.

Written by Ramsey Lundock