Runes Set 2, Mini-Game #29

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Yiya cast the magical dart at the charging Skeleton and watched as the undead thing shattered into a million bone fragments. With a grin she yelled out to her foe, the necromancer Troid, "You had better do more then summon up weak piles of bones if you wish to beat me, old man!" With a sneer the necromancer answered with a new summoning: a dreadful Wright this time around. Yiya swore to the gods under her breath, maybe she should keep her big mouth shut for a change and concentrate on defeating Troid with something other then hollow words.

This is Runes, a game of magical battle, spell casting, and summoning. Can you out fight your foe, using the mystical Rune stones and your chosen field of magic? A new and innovative game system, the Runes game system is fully expandable and compatible with other Runes games. So why wait? Go out, find some adventure, and play Runes!

The second set in this series covers the magical schools of necromancy and elemental Earth.

Do you dare step into the mystical worlds of Runes?

Written by Robert Hemminger