Realms, Elves & Orcs, Mini-Game #5

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Jarn watched as the Orc horde rushed forward, heading right for him and the fellow Elves beside him. They stood in a straight line before their sacred forest home, each having sworn an oath to protect it from these foul creatures.

Overhead, the High Elven king rode the winds upon the back of his dragon steed, but even with such a mighty beast on their side, Jarn did not think they would hold the day. The mass of green Orcs were too many, he feared, and his folk far too few.

Realms is another great Mini-Game from Avalon Games. Take the side of the bright Elven nations or the foul Orc hordes, as they battle for control of the world. A fast-paced fantasy game of warfare, spells, magical items and mighty beasts, all will be under your control as you battle your foe. Can you out last, out fight and out maneuver your enemy, or will you fall to their sharp edged swords?

This is the third edition of this great game with a new cover, full color layout and a print friendly version for easy play.

Written by Robert Hemminger