Playouts - Small Keep

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Playouts are layouts designed to be printed and used at the game table during play.

This PDF contains a small keep. It is four stories high with a sub-level that includes storage space and cells for prisoners or beasts. Consider the staircases somewhat fudged for use with a 'five-foot equals one inch' grid. One could claim this keep has a garrison from 12-36 guards, if one considers the beds as bunk beds and assumes that those on duty give up their beds to those who are not. The artillery is somewhat downsized from the great siege machines and meant to be akin to spear-throwers.

The final two pages include a blank background and Playouts bits in case you wish to add to the keep, change a few things around, or build something of your own in the same style.

This small keep is perfect as a roadside toll collector, a starter-stronghold for up-and-coming PCs, or even as a wizard's tower of sorts. A GM could also claim it has long since been abandoned by civilized folks and now must be scourged of evil creatures.

Grid Style: This map product features a square grid.