Paper Miniatures: John Kapsalis Royal Castle

Arion Games SKU: JKM007


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Arion Games, creators of the largest and best range of paper miniatures available, has now teamed up with a fantastic artist, John Kapsalis, to offer equally stunning paper miniatures in a slightly different style!

Offered as flat/A-frame style miniatures with a shadow back, these hand-drawn miniatures are bright and stylish and will enhance any tabletop game. These figures are scaled the same as the rest of our range for full compatibility.

Our seventh set of paper miniatures from John Kapsalis features 34 characters that would be found in a Royal Castle. We have the royalty themselves, advisors and officials, guards, and soldiers. In fact, enough to bring your Royal Castle to life!

The full-colour miniatures (with shadow backs) are supplied in PDF and Powerpoint format to allow the easy creation of custom sheets, and can be assembled as flat or A-frame miniatures depending on personal choice.

In this set:

  • 1x King
  • 2x Princes
  • 1x Queen
  • 2x Princesses
  • 2x Lords
  • 1x Lady
  • 1x Court Wizard
  • 1x Advisor
  • 1x Ambassador
  • 1x Chamberlain
  • 1x Loremaster
  • 1x Squire
  • 1x Architect
  • 1x Alchemist
  • 1x Apothecarist
  • 1x Astrologer
  • 1x Knight
  • 1x Monk
  • 1x Investigator
  • 4x Guards
  • 1x Gargoyle
  • 1x Giant Rat
  • 1x Foxhound
  • 1x Prisoner
  • 2x Agents
  • 2x Horses
  • 2x Warhorses

4-page PDF (3 pages of figures).