Paper Miniatures: Dark Fae Set

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Lords and Ladies, The Gentry, The Fair Folk. There are many names for the beautiful and powerful people who live just beyond the borders of this world. Beautiful they may be, but kind and compassionate they are not. They view mere mortals as lesser creatures, animals even, to be used for sport or pleasure and then disposed of. Beware the Dark Fae . . .

The full colour miniatures are supplied in two formats and can be assembled as flat, A-frame or triagonal miniatures depending on personal choice. The images are all high-quality computer generated figures and bring an extra level of realism to the gaming table.

This set is also offered as an optional Powerpoint file version, to allow the easy creation of custom sheets.

In this set:

  • 1x The Queen
  • 7x Ladies
  • 7x Lords

4-page pdf (3 pages of figures)