Paper Miniatures: Dark Elves II

Arion Games SKU: ARG090


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Dark Elves are a level above Goblins, Orcs and Ogres as enemies for your fantasy heroes. Crafty, magical and living in huge cities, these dastardly relatives of the good surface elves are dangerous foes. This set builds upon our earlier set of Dark Elves, and brings you more warriors, leaders and spellcasters.


The full color miniatures are supplied in two formats and can be assembled as flat, A-frame or triagonal miniatures depending on personal choice. The images are all high-quality computer generated figures and bring an extra level of realism to the gaming table.


This set is also offered as an optional Powerpoint file version, to allow the easy creation of custom sheets.

In this set:

  • 1x Dark Elf Assassin
  • 2x Dark Elf Bodyguards
  • 1x Dark Elf Raider
  • 2x Dark Elf Warlord
  • 3x Dark Elf Warriors
  • 1x Dark Elf Priestess
  • 1x Dark Elf Princess
  • 1x Dark Elf Prophetess
  • 2x Dark Elf Scouts
  • 1x Dark Elf Sorceress
  • 1x Mounted Dark Elf Scout
  • 1x Mounted Dark Elf Raider
  • 1x Mounted Dark Elf Warrior

Written by Graham Bottley