Organized Crime

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Strength in Numbers!

Supervillains are a dime a dozen. But supervillain groups? That's what a true group of heroes tests their mettle against - and contained within Organized Crime you'll find a rich variety of capable foes working together towards nefarious ends. Can your heroes overcome villainy united in all its myriad forms?

The Deep Six: The worst society had to offer should have died on death row . . . but the Deep Six came back, and now they've got plans for the living. Six individual risen dead, each different, each deadly.

The Black Brigade: If you've got the money, they've got the firepower. The Black Brigade will bring down a small country for the right price, and they've got more than enough experience dealing with super-powered fools.

The One: Young super-powered kids are coming to the city all the time. Some manage to become sidekicks, or join teen supergroups. Others . . . don't. They wash out, end up broke, and eventually find their way to The One. Part gang, part family, part urban tribe - The One is guided by the man known as Rule. Today he's the most dangerous person on the streets. Tomorrow he may be the most dangerous person on the planet.

The Golden Don: Johnny Balsamo operates a different kind of mob, one backed by his own knowledge of hermetic magic. If heroes cross him, they may find triggermen breathing down their necks - or the Angels of the Ten Sephiroth!

The Mathematician: Can your heroes even discern this mastermind's existence behind the web of theft, arson, murder, and other heinous acts that he plays like a violin? Those who get close die at the hands of his deadly bodyguard. Who is the mysterious Mathematician?

Organized Crime details five very different original criminal organizations that can be used to make the lives of your superheroes more interesting. From street level thugs to supernatural terrors, from secret masters of crime to paramilitary firepower, Organized Crime delivers!

When facing the villain of the week gets old, give your heroes a cartel or an army to investigate, infiltrate, or take down! When the going gets tough, the tough get ORGANIZED!

Written by Jason Tondro