Nocturne (a)



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There is the material world,
the world of the hereafter,
and the world in between.

Nocturne is the world in between,
that both reflects and shapes the real
and the divine.

Nocturne is the world where thought becomes form, and reality is what you imagine it to be. All Dreamers know that the Cycle is drawing to a conclusion, and there are many who are not content to simply observe, but want to shape the Cycle for their power and profit.

And behind all are the Others, the first Dreamers, implacably hostile to humankind, and very much alive and scheming . . .

This download includes the 80-page color and greyscale versions of Nocturne v1.0, with art by Gun Legler. It is identical in content to the v1.0b download except for the art.

Written by Greg Porter