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Eight centuries ago, the Information Revolution became the Information War.

The information won.

Perhaps for the best, for humanity was well on the way to destroying itself with technological advances that came faster than our ability to integrate them into a stable society. The Net still rules, keeping humanity from destroying itself, while searching for the means to restore our self-determination. It governs by its absence, setting only a few limits on human behavior, and watches for the Archetypes of a new humanity.

Meanwhile, the power of unlimited information and instant manufacturing technology have split humanity into the "drones," who live in mindless contentment and luxury, their every need met by a system that has eliminated the need for work, and the minority of "workers," who seek more out of life than simple existence and crave the possessions and power that the Net has chosen not to make freely available.

No police, no government, no megacorps, no safety net. You are what you make of yourself. Nothing more, nothing less. NeoTerra is 94 pages, covering life in the year 2894 C.E., archetypes, tech, bit players, and the obligatory "GM eyes only" section . . .

Written by Greg Porter