Mystic Item Cards, Set 2

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The Mystic Item Card Sets are another great gaming product by Avalon Games. These high-quality cards allow a GM to hand out magical items to their players, and still keep things fun.

Often the single thing that defines a character is what magical items they are carrying. So why just roll up some generic magical item off a lame chart and tell the players what it is they have found? Why not hand the player a full-color card, which not only has a wonderful image of the item itself, but a brief description of what it looks like and the materials it is made from? Each card comes with a blank section about just what sort of magic power the item holds, which thus allows the GM to customize the item as they want and need. Space on each card is provided for players to write down notes on just what the item does. That is, when they find out what it can do.

Players will go wild with their new Mystic Item Cards, and so will you. So don't stop here, buy all the sets and collect a wealth of magical power.

Provided with each set is a backing sheet to complete each card and enough cards to create 18 full-color items cards.

Written by Robert Hemminger