Monkey, Ninja, Pirate, Robot: the Roleplaying Game

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Go beyond the board!

In a world where champions fight:

  • For sweet, sweet uranium,
  • To defeat their enemies in brutal Challenges, and
  • To save the Earth from Alien Invaders,
Only a Monkey, Ninja, Pirate, or Robot has the Mojo to get the job done!

Based on MNPR and MNPR Deluxe (2003 Origins Award Nominee, Best Abstract Board Game), Monkey, Ninja, Pirate, Robot: the Roleplaying Game takes the fast-paced, beer 'n pretzels game from the board to the tabletop.

MNPR:RPG is available as a 64-page PDF, which contains:

  • A complete game system. The Prose Descriptive Qualities (PDQ) System has been designed for simplicity, speed, and lunacy in play. Three levels of resolution, suitable for any type of situation.
  • A wacky conceit. Strange heroes duke it out for glory, for Mojo, and for the honor of Earth itself.
  • A complete introductory scenario. Suitable for any group of PCs, "Invasion of the Mojo Snatchers" provides maps, NPCs, and potentials for adventure as the characters seek out the weird secrets of the Golden Pagoda Ninjas!

Get your Mojo working, and download MNPR:RPG now!

Written by Chad Underkoffler