Men of Bronze, Mini-Game #94

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Sky Boy dove for cover as the gangster fired his Tommy gun, bullets flying through the air like a swarm of hornets. "Best just give up now Big Mike," Sky Boy called from behind the cover of a crate. "You can't win against the Sky Patrol."

"You might get me, Sky Cop," the gangster called back as he paused to reload the machine gun, "but you will never stop the Masters of Terror and our plot to take over the world."

This is Men of Bronze, another great Mini-Game from Avalon Games. Take the S&G skirmish game system, add pulp fiction action, super spies, and monstrous beasts, and you have the exciting thrills of Men of Bronze. See what awaits you in this great game. Watch as your brave agents of Sky Patrol take on and try to defeat the evil of the Masters of Terror.