Mecha: Worksheets

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This product has nine worksheets that are split into three sections and spread over sixteen pages.

The first section is a set of four worksheets:

  1. A "character sheet" for a mecha, with space to record all of its important features
  2. A sheet similar to the first worksheet, but with space for a character and mecha name
  3. A blank list, split over two pages, that can be used for detailing the equipment inside the mecha
  4. A sheet to aid the process of creating a mecha

The second section is another set of four worksheets that are useful in mission planning:

  1. A detailed mission planning sheet for use by one participant
  2. An overview mission planning sheet for use by the entire group
  3. A map page allowing the GM to hand out a map in the same style as the other sheets (three styles: without grid, with grid, with grid and grid reference)
  4. A page for detailing targets, complete with a map section and an area for the visualization of the target (three styles: without grid, with grid, with grid and grid reference)

The last section contains one editable worksheet for you to fill in and print out!

Also included is an example mecha: a large PL7 mecha, the Dragon Mk V. It is shown on two completed worksheets and includes a full colour picture of the Dragon.

This product is produced by Eternal Knot Games and is merely imprinted by Misfit Studios. All questions and comments regarding this product should be addressed to EKG.

Written by Kenneth Norris