Mecha Aces

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Mecha Aces uses the FUDGE system as a foundation, and builds upon the system to create the perfect synergy between a pilot and their machine. Mecha Aces re-examines the mecha/pilot paradigm in RPG's, and establishes an innovative system built around the simplicity of the FUDGE system, and the power within the system's potential.

Mecha Aces comes with a Printer Friendly version. This ink saver has all of the Bookmarks and a Table of Contents without the images. Print all or part for easy game play.

Areas covered:

  • Mecha and the Pilots who drive them
  • FUDGE Foundation Toolset
  • Magic
  • Psychic Powers
  • Techniques
  • Artificial Intelligence
  • Racing
  • Stock Settings

Written by Anthony Ford