Master at Arms: Halberdier

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The latest installment of the Master at Arms series from Blackdirge Publishing focuses on one of history's most popular polearms: the halberd. The halberdier, as his name suggests, is an expert in the use of the halberd, combining the weapon's awesome striking power with a clever bag of tactical tricks.

Whether alone or surrounded by his brothers in arms, the halberdier is a formidable opponent. This 5-level prestige class is an easy choice for players and DMs looking to create an effective and versatile polearm-wielding fighter.

Master at Arms - Halberdier includes 6 pages of new d20 material, which includes the following:

  • A historical look at the halberd
  • Author's design notes
  • The halberd prestige class
  • Sir Rinard Whitehart, a baseborn peasant and halberdier elevated to knighthood for his bravery and skill at arms
  • A fabulous illustration by Jesse Mohn

Written by Aeryn Rudel