Master at Arms: Escrimeur

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Master at Arms returns with a new prestige class guaranteed to make you look at fencing in a different light. Are you tired of effete swashbucklers and dandy aristocrats monopolizing the rapier? Then rejoice! Blackdirge Publishing and the escrimeur put the steel back into fencing, and the 'fighter" back into sword fighting.

The escrimeur is a master of the rapier, saber, and estoc; deadly fencing weapons that he wields with skill and precision. The escrimeur learns one of three devastating fencing styles to go along with his choice of weapon, and can dispatch foes with lightning thrusts, deadly lunges, and a host of innovative fighting tricks.

So take back the rapier from the bards and rogues, and thrust, parry, and lunge like a true warrior, with Blackdirge Publishing and Master at Arms: Escrimeur.

Master at Arms - Escrimeur contains 9 pages of new d20 material, which includes the following:

  • A historical look at the rapier and combat fencing
  • Author's design notes
  • The escrimeur prestige class - three prestige classes in one!
  • Isonderyll Steelwind, a haughty gray elf lord and master escrimeur
  • Three new weapons: the saber, estoc, and basket hilt
  • A new wondrous item: fencer's gloves
  • Information about escrimeurs from all the standard PC races
  • Illustration by Jesse Mohn

Written by Aeryn Rudel