Master at Arms: Arbalestier

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New from Blackdirge Publishing, the Master at Arms product line presents 5 level prestige classes for fighters based around a specific weapon. These are no-nonsense, weapon master classes, perfect for low-magic campaigns or any fighter looking to take weapon specialization to the next level. Each installment features a 5-level prestige class, a short historical write-up on the highlighted weapon(s), design notes, and a fully fleshed iconic NPC.

Master at Arms kicks off with the arbalestier, a master of the heavy crossbow, and a true "one shot, one kill" specialist. No longer does the heavy crossbow need to be the poor cousin to the longbow, relegated to a backup weapon for sorcerers and wizards when they run out of spells. The arbalestier combines increased damage, armor piercing capability, and other innovative abilities to make the heavy crossbow a viable choice for ranged enthusiasts. So look at a long-ignored weapon in a new light with Blackdirge Publishing and Master at Arms: Arbalestier.

Master at Arms - Arbalestier includes 6 pages of new d20 material, which includes the following:

  • A historical look at the heavy crossbow
  • Author's design notes
  • The arbalestier prestige class
  • Bregek Ironprod, a sharp-shooting duergar arbalestier
  • Fantastic art by Jesse Mohn

Written by Aeryn Rudel