Magi, Mini-Game #115

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Jason Storm gave a mad laugh as he burned the young mage down with his magic, the hot flames licking the corpse.

"I told you not to kill him." Answered a calm voice out of the shadows, a young, handsome woman stepping out into the light.

"Rhonda my love, come to watch me kill another one of your apprentices?" asked Jason with a mad grin.

"You will pay for your crime Jason, this I swear!" Replied the woman, her eyes glowing bright as she summoned her own power. As the two squared off, the air grew electric with the magic that the two powerful Magi gathered, only to then drop off to nothing.

"Damn!" cursed Rhonda, while Jason only stood and laughed all the more.

"Seems the Geas that hold our power in check will not allow us to fight in the open. Care to meet me in the sacred grove where I can then rip the flesh from your bones?"

"With pleasure," Rhonda answered, her magic whisking her away.

Magi is an S&G genre game where players battle with modern magic and elemental forces. This is another great new S&G game so get into the magic of it all.

Written by Robert Hemminger