Maelstrom Domesday: North Yorkshire Moors

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Maelstrom Domesday is the new incarnation of Maelstrom, the classic RPG from 1984. This supplement to the core rulebook contains a detailed description of the North Yorkshire Moors, an area of wild and lonely countryside to the north and east of the city of York.

This book can provide the primary setting for a whole Maelstrom Domesday campaign, or it can provide extra manors to allow a York-based campaign to expand outside the nearby vale. This book provides details on thirty-four manors, plus the Town of Whitby, and also has local folklore and plot hooks for each.

In addition to the wealth of setting information, this book also includes a brand-new full-length adventure exploring some of the strange happenings in this isolated area.

This book requires the Maelstrom Domesday RPG Core book.

Written by Simon Strafford